COVID-19 Update

Dear Greensboro Community,

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis, and have decided to stay open in order to serve our patrons. We will be enacting the following protocol to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers:

• We will continue to follow the CDC recommended sanitation guidelines.
• Any employees who are feeling unwell will be told to stay home, and we implore our customers to do so as well if they are showing any symptoms.
• We will not offer dine-in services, but we will have take-out, curbside pickup, and delivery options available.

Take-Out Service

• As of now our business hours will be Monday thru Friday open at 7:30am Saturday open at 8:00am, Sunday open at 10am and closing at 9pm nightly, and take-out options will be available all day. We will only allow ten customers or less in at a time to ensure that people can maintain a six-foot distance from one another.

Curbside Pickup Service

• Curbside pickup will be available during our normal business hours.
• Customers will be required to call in their order, pay for it over the phone, and call again once they arrive so that one of our employees can walk it out to them.

Delivery Service

• Delivery service will be available Thru Door Dash.

Online Ordering

You can now place your orders online from a link on our website for either take out or curbside pickup.

We want to say a big thank you to both our amazing staff for all of their hard work, and our customers for their continued love and support over the many years. Stay strong, Greensboro!